The Finnish Society for Science and Technology Studies (FSSTS) regularly organizes symposia to foster the exchange of ideas, promote networking, and initiate collaborative efforts in science and technology studies (STS). These symposia serve as regional and international forums for STS scholars to present their ongoing research, share insights, and catalyze new conversations and collaborations. These gatherings have addressed a range of themes, from interdisciplinary research dynamics to the intricate relationships between experimentation and evidence. The events are meticulously planned, often in collaboration with universities and other research institutions. Each symposium features keynote speakers renowned in their respective fields, addressing pertinent issues in STS. Furthermore, the FSSTS underscores the importance of nurturing emerging scholars, evident from their provision of pre-conference workshops tailored for junior researchers.

Last symposium

The 2022 FSSTS symposium, titled ”Collaboration as social practice,” focused on interdisciplinary research collaboration, its practicalities, benefits, and challenges, especially across disciplinary and institutional divides. It aimed to present a comprehensive representation of that time’s collaborative research in Finland and globally, allowing attendees to share experiences, visions, and plans related to collaborative work. The symposium invited both track proposals for panel sessions and individual presentation proposals centered around themes such as societal challenges, methodological reflections on collaboration, the role of gender in collaboration, and research ethics, among others. The event took place in Helsinki at Metsätalo, Unioninkatu 40, on June 9-10, 2022. In addition to the symposium, a summer school for junior scholars in science studies was organized by FSSTS on June 8. Moreover, the FSSTS Master’s thesis award in STS was presented at the conference.

Past symposia