The Finnish Society for Science and Technology Studies, established in 1985, promotes research on science and technology, with emphasis on both the social and epistemic aspects of knowledge production, and on the societal and cultural roles and significance of scientific knowledge and technology. The society also supports publishing and educational activities related to this aim.

Science studies is a multidisciplinary field. Thus, the society is open for a broad range of disciplinary backgrounds in science studies, including sociology, philosophy, history, media research, psychology, law, anthropology, and other experts interested in the field.

The society publishes an international peer-reviewed journal called Science & Technology Studies (previously Science Studies). The society regularly organizes science studies seminars and conferences with the intent of generating a communal sense among science studies scholars working in Finland. Currently engaged in strategic planning (2023-2024), the near-term strategic goal of the current board of the society is to explore and improve the ways in which the society could better serve the scholarly community. FSSTS is a member of the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies and the Finnish association for Scientific Publishing.

We welcome any new members interested in science studies and in advancing research and education in the field in Finland.