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The Finnish Society for Science and Technology Studies

The Finnish Society for Science and Technology Studies was
founded in 1985 to support the research, teaching and publication of
science and technology studies in Finland. The society brings together a
broad range of researchers, such as sociologists, philosophers,
historians, media scholars, psychologists and many other experts who are
interested in the study of science and technology studies.

The Finnish Society for Science and Technology Studies publishes international peer-reviewed journal called Science & Technology Studies (formerly Science Studies). Science & Technology Studies is the official journal of the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology.



Membership fee for the year 2021 is 30 € (15 € for undergraduate and postgraduate students in Science and Technology Studies, pensioners, and unemployed).

If you wish to become a member of the society, please contact the secretary, Minna Saariketo (minna.saariketo at

Executive Committee

Executive committee 2021


Jaakko Taipale (University of Helsinki), jaakko.taipale at


Otto Auranen (Academy of Finland), otto.auranen at

José A. Cañada (University of Helsinki), jose.a.canada at

Terhi Esko (University of Helsinki), terhi.esko at

Outi Koskinen (University of Helsinki), outi.koskinen at

Erika Lilja (Tampere University) erika.lilja at

Ilkka Lähteenmäki (University of Oulu), ilkka.o.lahteenmaki at

Reetta Muhonen (University of Turku and Tampere University), reetta.muhonen at

Anuradha Nayak (University of Lapland), anuradha.nayak at

Minna Saariketo (Stockholm University), minna.saariketo at

Sampsa Saikkonen (University of Helsinki), sampsa.saikkonen at

Susi Salovaara (University of Lapland), susi.salovaara at

Secretary and treasurer

The new secretary will chosen in the autumn 2021. Until then, Minna Saariketo minna.saariketo at will take care of secretary-treasurer duties

Contact Information

Contact Information Finnish Society for Science and Technology Studies
e-mail: minna.saariketo at

Science & Technology Studies journal:

Coordinating editor Salla Sariola
salla.sariola at